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BMF is an Independent Registered Investment Advisor

Bay Mutual Financial, LLC (BMF) is an independent registered investment advisor.  Being owned and operated by the employees and principals allows BMF to truly not be beholden to any other entity or group.  Moreover, being independent is a crucial distinction to BMF for it clearly represents our deliberate design, creation, and implementation to be in the best interest of our clients.  Examples of how this independence is reflected in our business include:

  • Our ability to negotiate fee structures and commissions has led to our being able to provide, in most cases, more services at lower cost to clients.
  • We have met our pledge to clients that we will not become involved in efforts which may not be in their best  interest.
  • We have created a business environment that enhances our client service while rigorously assuring cost  effectiveness.

BMF has four divisions: Private Client Group, The Plan Advisors, Strategic Financial Consulting Services, and the Foundations and Endowments Division. The Private Client Group serves a diversity of clients, from entertainment luminaries, to business leaders, to small business owners, to investors and retirees.

The Plan Advisors division of BMF serves over twenty-five retirement plans with a highly diverse group of sponsors, balanced among different industries, including (among others): a municipality, a municipal transit authority, a private electronics firm, a publicly traded biomedical firm (national), the private management firm of a major retail chain, a privately held retail chain (national), two (both in Los Angeles’ Top 20) private accounting-management firms, a publically held international technology firm, a publicly traded medical service firm (national), and one of the nation’s largest privately owned agricultural companies.

Bay Mutual Financial (BMF) provides Strategic Financial Consulting Services to a diverse clientele, including (but certainly not limited to): raising capital, trading securities, cash management, divestiture, mergers, acquisitions, investment management, global transaction banking, compliance, and more intricate and specialized client needs.  While heavily involved in traditional finance, the firm is committed to remain at the cutting edge of today’s global financial environment, specializing in the spectrum of private equity transactions.